«UMB appreciates their employees and their work. It is great to be a part of UMB.»

Fatlum Basha, System Engineer

There will be a lack of 25,000 IT specialists in Switzerland! UMB boasts a trainee quota of more than 8 percent and runs its own training facility.

24/11/2016 - 09:45

UMB - Great Place to Work - presented by Fatlum Basha


The ITC professional field is growing twice as fast as the economy. A current study by the Swiss Professional Association for ICT Education predicts a lack of 25,000 ICT specialists in the year 2024. Currently, UMB trains 15 apprentices and invests a lot into the professional qualifications of its employees - with good reason.

The numbers are disconcerting; an educational offensive on all levels is, according to the ICT Professional Association, imperative. After all, professional basic training constitutes the foundation for any adequately trained ICT specialists. 

For years UMB has played its part regarding the lack of specialists. Matthias Keller, UMB CEO explains: The digital transformation will increase the need for IT specialists even more. Also, the job profiles will change. Because of this, UMB continuously provides further training for its employees.  We pay special attention to the careful education of our 15 trainees since they will be a part of the future of our industry.”

UMB is a "Great Place to Work"

To find employees is one thing, to be able to keep them, another. For 2016, the Great Place to Work Institute has again designated UMB as the best employer in Switzerland. This award puts UMB in fourth place among 2200 companies rated across Europe and thus makes it the best Swiss employer in Europe! 

Says Matthias Keller: “Team spirit is important for us. We love to work together and mutually develop our full entrepreneurial potential. Our clients can sense this.”